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Helping students to succeed academically is one of Risen Savior's most important goals.  Using their God-given talents and pointing students toward high school, college, and beyond is the daily aim of classroom instruction.

Athletics play a strong role in the educational experience at Risen Savior. Being part of a team, good sportsmanship, and representation of your school and Savior are all aspects of athletics that are stressed at Risen Savior.

Daily School Life
Daily school life at Risen Savior can consist of a lot of different things. Field trips, family nights, parent involvement, and more are all part of what makes Risen Savior special.

Reaching out to the neighborhood with the Gospel message is one of Risen Savior's goals. Baptisms are a wonderful culmination of that work. Dozens of students have been baptized over the past years.

Spirit Week
Generally, the students of Risen Savior wear the school uniform, however, every year Risen Savior has a Spirit Week. The students show their outstanding school spirit by dressing up on various themed days.