Our Mission & Vision
About Risen Savior

Risen Savior Lutheran School is built on the solid foundation of God’s Word, the Bible. At the core, Risen Savior exists to assist parents in the spiritual upbringing of their children. The education your child receives is Christ-centered. The students not only participate in a thorough study of God’s Word, but God’s Word permeates all areas of the curriculum – science, social studies, language arts, and mathematics.  Every class provides an opportunity to study some component of God’s creation and praise him for it.

Risen Savior is built around a core mission statement and guided by our philosophy, vision, and most specifically our objectives. These statements provide the structure for all that is done at Risen Savior. The school’s mission, philosophy, vision, and objectives are reviewed annually by our school board and faculty.

Our Mission
Uniting hearts and hands in Jesus Christ, Risen Savior Lutheran School exists to equip children to be life-long learners of God’s world through a Christ- centered curriculum and to reach out to families with God’s Word.


Our Philosophy of Education

We believe the following principles are foundational to our Christian philosophy of education:
  1. God’s love for all people, as revealed in Jesus Christ, compels Christian life and service in God’s World.
  2. The Bible is the source and standard of truth in God’s world.
  3. Children learn God’s love and grow in Christian faith only through God’s Word.
  4. As children grow in faith, they experience God’s forgiveness, express their love to God and their neighbor, and accept themselves as God’s forgiven children.
  5. God challenges our children to discover their gifts, develop their talents and use their skills to the best of their God-given abilities.
  6. Through worship and life-long study of the Bible, God equips our children for lives of Christian service as they go out into God’s world to pursue all fields of learning.

Our Vision

Risen Savior Lutheran School plans to:
  1. educate 4K-8th grade students with a developmental focus according to Early Childhood Education, Elementary, and Middle school standards and methods.
  2. provide a strong academic program with fully written educational objectives and curriculum.
  3. include all special needs students with comprehensive programming and collaborating with outside agencies where applicable.
  4. increase parent education and involvement through class offerings and parent activities.
  5. address issues of students who are English language learners.
  6. add adequate facilities to 4K-8th grade and peripheral programs (classrooms, playgrounds, computer labs, etc.)
  7. provide opportunities for community trips and visits that are accessible to all students to broaden their minds and outlook.
  8. facilitate continuing education for the teachers.
  9. offer a full range of extra-curricular programs.
  10. graduate students mature in their faith and grow in their ability to serve as future church leaders.
  11. graduate students prepared to succeed in higher education and in the world.
  12. track graduates and continue to minister to them.

Our Objectives

The classes and curriculum of Risen Savior Lutheran School will carry out the school’s mission by producing students who:
  1. display their faith through their daily conduct, servant-minded attitudes, and regular worship attendance.
  2. demonstrate academic proficiency in core subject matters, and exhibit appropriate Christian life skills.
  3. effectively communicate verbally and through writing as well as demonstrate that they are capable listeners.
  4. exhibit discernment in their stewardship of time, gifts, and money.
  5. employ reason and problem solving skills when faced with challenges and critical thinking as they encounter new ideas in the course of their education and in their lives.
  6. reflect God’s love for them with an attitude of respect for Him, for others, and for themselves; and demonstrate a desire to continue in their spiritual and educational growth.